This is the home page for Peter Wemm, Rosemary Lyndall Wemm, and Tristan Wemm. We are generally pretty busy, but one day we might actually put something useful here.

Peter works for Yahoo and is a FreeBSD developer. He's a computer nut with diverse interests that range from antique computers that got him started in the 80's through to new 64 bit platforms. For a break from computers, he has about 30 fish aquariums. That turned out to be a lot of work. :-).

Aside from computers, Peter spends winters in the snow, trying (with moderate success) to not look like a fool with a snowboard. Lately, Hang gliding has been a key passion, and Peter went through the training programs from first flights through to intermediate ratings in just a few months. Favourite sites include: Big Sur coast on the central Californian coast, Lake McClure, Ed Levin county park in Milpitas and of course, Fort Funston in San Francisco. Peter absolutely loves flying in Owens Valley (near Lone Pine, California) and Lakeview Oregon.

Rosemary is a professional psychologist and was licensed and practicing in Australia before we moved to the USA. Her specialty is neuropsychology. Lately her interests include carpentry and origami. Our garage has been thoroughly taken over as a workshop.

Tristan is in 9th grade in Orion Academy. However, being only 4 years old doesn't stop him from getting credit card offers in the mail.

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